How to Find a D&D Group

Easily the most important (and most elusive) part of D&D is finding a good group in your area. If you aren’t blessed to have a handful of friends who are all interested in tabletop roleplay, then getting the chance to play is difficult and might even seem nearly impossible.

However, what most people don’t realize is that finding a group doesn’t have to be that hard, especially if you’re willing to run your own group (read: be the DM). There are upsides and downsides to that, but we’ll get into those here in a minute. Continue reading “How to Find a D&D Group”

5 DM Secrets All Players Should Know

Being a dungeon master is very different from being a player. Instead of just keeping track of one character, there is an entire world full of creatures, monsters, characters, and cities all with their own agendas and plot lines to remember. It’s a lot for any one person to keep all in their head, and many DMs will spend hours planning out campaigns, creating worlds, and designing locations and items.

For players who haven’t been a DM, it can be hard to really grasp what is going on behind the screen. But it’s not as mystical as you think it is. For those of you who have never tried your hand at being a dungeon master, there are a few dirty secrets that you should know about being a DM. Continue reading “5 DM Secrets All Players Should Know”