D&D Basics

Welcome to the world of Dungeons & Dragons! Here, you’ll find a series of articles to help you get started playing the game and make the most out of your campaign!

Part 1: Getting started

  • Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons – What is roleplay, and how do you do it?
  • What You Need to Start Playing D&D¬†– A breakdown of how to get started and where you can find the supplies you’ll need
  • Guide to Polyhedral Dice – Discover how to recognize and use those weird-shaped dice
  • How to find a D&D Group – So you know you want to play… now how do you find people who share that interest?
  • D&D Edition Comparison¬†– Learn the differences between the five published editions, and what to expect in each of them

Part 2: Building a Character

  • D&D Class Comparison – Learn why there so are many choices, and which class is right for you
  • Beginners Guide for Building a 5e Character – This simple guide will take the stress out of the character building process
  • Tips for Creating a Memorable Character – Design a great character that’s also fun to play

Part 3: Playing the Game

  • Easy Tips for Roleplaying Your Character – Get in your character’s head and really dig into the roleplaying aspect (no funny voices required)
  • How to Play D&D – Learn the basics of playing the game
  • DM List of Do’s and Don’t’s for Beginners¬†– What NOT to do during your first few sessions

Want to read more? Head back to the Homepage to read our recent posts, browse through our Archives, or check out the Class Pages for more reading on each individual class.

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