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Whether it’s enduring the howling winds of the frozen tundra, the scorching heat of the desert, or the lurking predators of the jungle, Barbarians thrive in the wild places that civilized people fear. Fueled by primal rage and powerful totem spirits, these warriors are powerful allies and fearsome enemies. Read more about Barbarians here.



Collectors of stories and spinners of tall tales, a Bard perform is equally comfortable in the spiraling halls of kings and the seedy taverns of the poorest communities. These charismatic performers can inspire allies and strike fear into the hearts of enemies with little more than their words.



Carrying little more than a holy symbol and their stalwart belief, the Cleric stands fearless against the undead and other terrors of the night. With a prayer and the divine power granted from their unwavering faith, these holy spellcasters can bolster allies and send enemies fleeing in terror.



Often more at peace in the wilds than the cities, the Druid reveres nature and protects it with spell and tooth and claw. These primal guardians can stalk through the jungle as a tiger, soar above the forest as an eagle, or prowl through the plains as a wolf, fighting intruders to their domain.



Whether it’s breaking through the enemy defenses on the battlefield or besting someone in a tavern brawl, the Fighter is a master of combat. Using a variety of weapons and skills, this battle-hardened warrior is equipped to stand alone or with allies against the mightiest of foes.



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