Top 10 Most Useful Cantrips in 5e

No matter what edition of Dungeons and Dragons you are playing, cantrips (also referred to as ‘0’ level spells) are some of the most fun spells that a lower level spellcaster can get. While there are many in 5th edition that do damage, my favorites are more utility. After all, anyone can zap someone with a firebolt and after a few levels, those spells become a waste. Using some of the spells listed below, however, takes true finesse.

It’s worth noting that in 5e, cantrips are unlimited use, one of many things borrowed from Pathfinder. However, for those of you more familiar with older systems, the wording has been changed on a few of them, both increasing and changing the functionality so read it first!

That being said, here are 10 cantrips that spellcasters really shouldn’t be without:

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